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 Serifos White

How to get there 

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Serifos White is located in Chora village.
If you have rented a car or a scooter  ( which we highly recommend ) please follow the signs to Chora. It’s a 10 minute drive from the port. There is a public parking for the village (Chora) just before you get to the square.  If you haven’t rented a car you can come via bus ( they leave every 20’) and it costs around 2 Euro per person. Alternatively, you can come by taxi. Approx. cost 10 Euro. There are taxis at the port or call this number to arrange one +306973801051 . Once you park , walk to the square. There, you will notice a big sign for Xalida bakery. 

Go straight to the bakery and after 50m in your left hand, you will see a restaurant called ‘’SKARAVAIOS’’, continue straight and after 30 meters you will see a gift shop at your right hand.
Continue straight and after 50 meters in your left hand you will see a road with big stairs . if you look down you will see my balcony with the white chairs and the blue door. 
This is Serifos White! Please remember that its very easy to find the house. You just walk straight from the super market and turn left just once.

The password to get in will be send a few hours before your check in. 

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